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In the Limelight – Tessa Melton

April 22, 2020

Tessa Melton has been a part of Limelight since age 7 when she played the Witch in Snow White in our first Act it Out camp. From that day on, she has taken the stage in numerous shows and helped young actors as a student director. We are so thankful that she shares her many talents with us including her warm heart, amazing comedic timing, and positive team spirit.


What is your favorite show that you did or part that you played with Limelight?

“If They Were Free” That show was really special. I felt like we were really impacting people when we performed it. Putting the show together was such a great learning experience.

Did you participate in Limelight with a family member? What was that experience like?

I’ve always done Limelight with my brother. It has given us a lot of opportunities to perform together that I’m very grateful for. Once, a bunch of my cousins and uncles did a radio play! It was fun to see them with the Limelight family 🙂

Most memorable Limelight experience?

It’s hard to decide because there are so many. Something I remember from when I did the kids camp for Shrek is when we were walking back stage (I can’t remember if it was a run through or a show), but Ben Brawner (who played Shrek) gave all of us high fives. That made me feel pretty cool as a 10 year old 🙂

What is something you learned from Limelight?

It’s okay to take risks and be silly.

What does Limelight mean to you?

It really is like a family. All of these people have known me for years and have helped me grow as an actress and as a person. It’s just a lot of fun.

What are you doing now? How did Limelight help prepare you for that?

I do a lot of theater and show choir at Oswego High School, and Limelight has helped me with my confidence while auditioning and performing.

What is your advice for other theater artists?

Work really hard and be nice to people you do shows with. You’re gonna spend a lot of time together, and that makes it a lot more fun!