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In the Limelight – Francisco Rodriguez

July 28, 2020

Francisco Rodriguez has been a part of Limelight since appearing in the 2012 production of Beauty and the Beast. Years later, he would play Cogsworth in the 2018 production of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. Francisco has created so many memorable characters for the Limelight stage. His bold choices, fabulous comedic timing, and sincerity make him a captivating performer to watch and a fun scene partner for other performers. Here is what Francisco has to say about his experiences.

What is your favorite show that you did or part that you played with Limelight?

Beauty and The Beast

How were you involved (acting/writing/tech)?


Did you participate in Limelight with a family member? What was that experience like?

I was able to participate in Limelight with my sister. Being in a show with a sibling is a really cool experience. I really felt like theatre brought us closer in ways not possible outside of theatre!

Most memorable Limelight experience?

My first bows ever. I still really can’t explain it. It really was an “aha” moment if that makes sense. It really changed me.

What is something you learned from Limelight?

This is a little corny, but Limelight taught me to believe in myself and abilities and allowed me to grow as person.

What does Limelight mean to you?

Limelight, every time I hear the word, I’m always flushed with different memories and a feeling of security. It’s been and always will be my rock.

What are you doing now? How did Limelight help prepare you for that? [Question was asked in January 2020]

Right now I’m in the audition process for college, Limelight was there since the beginning. Limelight taught me the whats, the hows, and the buts of being a performer. It really helped me become the actor I always wanted to be.

What is your advice for other theater artists?

Don’t stop!!

Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you!! :))