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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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Written and Directed by Brian Brems

Something wicked this way comes in the Limelight premiere of this drama about a college professor’s growing fear and paranoia, which takes an increasing toll on her family, friends, and colleagues. As the professor becomes more isolated, she begins a search for answers in unconventional places.

Ages: 14 and up
Fee: $139

Performs June 6-9 at 7:00pm at Bednarcik Jr. High

Rate PG-13 for intense content and the use of prop weapons

Cast List
Please email Brian Brems at to accept your role.

Andrea Ganado-Hite: Allison Sass, Jessica Gladis

Paul Hite: Mark Melton, Ryan Sendef

Waitress: Brooke Bartram, Hailey Berk

Alexandra Mast: Audrey Mikelson, Kirsten Stephens

Mark Van Dorn: Jacob Westpfahl

Janine Van Dorn: Maddie Fox, Lucie Kupres

Carrie Kuchinski: Grace Scheffler, Izzy Dale

Dr. Michelle Martin: Charlotte Didier, Sarah Obert

Monty: Marshall Noelken-Anderson, Victoria Straub

Juliette: Tessa Melton, Madalyn Mirallegro

Curt: Francisco Rodriguez

Joe: Andrew Provost

Wayne Edwards: Shane Smykal, Jameson Fajfer

Mike Schecter: Tim Davis

Sam Donilon: Isaiah Adams

Burt Edwards: Tyler Mabrey

Ronnie: Jacob Diaz


Rehearsal Schedule:

Day Date Time Location
Monday 5/21/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Tuesday 5/22/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Wednesday 5/23/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Thursday 5/24/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Friday 5/25/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Monday 5/28/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Tuesday 5/29/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Wednesday 5/30/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Thursday 5/31/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Friday 6/1/2018 5-9pm Boulder Point
Monday 6/4/2018 5-9pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Tuesday 6/5/2018 5-9pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Wednesday 6/6/2018 5-9pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Thursday 6/7/2018 5-9pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Friday 6/8/2018 5-9pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Saturday 6/9/2018 5-9pm Bednarcik Jr. High