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Meet our Staff: Katie Meyer

March 5, 2018

Get to know Katie Meyer!

Katie is a bright ray of sunshine who has played many memorable roles on stage and shares her skills with us to make our musicals magical.

We asked her some questions, and here is what she has to say…


Briefly list your education/experience in theater:

I first joined Limelight when I was 11 years old and have been with the company every summer for a decade now! I even decided to pursue a career in theatre and am graduating in May from Millikin University with a BFA in Acting and a double minor in Communication and Dance. I have explored almost every inch of theatre with a smile and positive attitude having experience as a performer, director, and crewmember in various professional, educational, and amateur productions. I look forward to further my theatre education as I continue to work with other inspiring members of the Limelight family!


What are you most excited about sharing with Limelight participants?

I find it most exciting to spread optimism to the Limelight participants. Often, Limelight instructors are a student’s first exposure to the world of theatre. What a powerful gift we can share. It excites me knowing I can show them the light theatre can bring to the world and how they can spread positive change through this art form. I often tell my students that theatre is life changing, and I firmly believe that with optimism and determination anything is possible.


What do you like most about theater?

Theatre is an art form that centers on sharing stories, and I love that the most about this craft. This cultivates artists who are strong storytellers who challenge the “why”. Why are we doing this show now, why must we tell these stories? Theatre is entertainment, but it is also a strong tool to spread messages of enlightenment. I challenge participants to connect to the story they are sharing on a personal level so the audience leaves feeling inspired by the message they shared. Theatre is making history, so lets tell the story together.


Which Limelight productions have you been a part of?

For the past ten years I have been a participant in shows such as Harriet and The Spy, The Music Man, 13, Suessical, Spelling Bee, Macbeth, Shrek, Legally Blonde, but I have also been on the directorial side and assistant directed shows like Double Cast and ___. I have tackled the directorial roles in productions ranging from Peter Pan and The Jungle Book. More recently I have music directed the production of Annie last Summer, and look forward to directing the production of Beauty and the Beast coming up this Summer Season! I also teach classes in the summer through the Limelight’s connections with the Park District!


Share a memory from your time as a Limelight participant

One of my favorite memories from being a Limelight participant has to be when I was playing Gertrude in Suessical. Ed’s son had recently been born and he made an appearance in the show. I was holding him on stage as Horton began to sing, he looked at the actor playing Horton with such amazement and wonder. I then began to sing and felt his little eyes light up. Seeing how theatre can impact someone at such a young age sparked a passion in me to keep spreading that light. His mom later told me that she would use that song as a lullaby, which is heart melting in itself! Theatre is so powerful.


What is your dream role? 

Limelight made my dream role come true when I was able to portray Elle in Legally Blonde, a dream of mine since I was a little girl!


What game or movie universe would you most like to live in?

I would be living my best life if I were able to live in any of the Disney movie universes! I am a hard-core fan of the Mouse, you can find me anytime of any day humming Disney tunes. I try to live everyday like it is the best Disney montage and am blessed with people in my life who join me in my love for all things magical!