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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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We are continually looking for individuals who are interested in volunteering for Limelight. Here are just a few things that we could use help with:

Student Assistant Director: Help the director(s) during rehearsals.

Tech/Backstage Crew: If acting isn’t your thing, we need help behind the scenes on stage crew and tech crew for some shows. Sign-ups for Tech/Backstage Crew are now open.

Pit Orchestra: We need musicians who can volunteer to be in our live pit orchestra for our summer musical productions. Sign-ups for the pit orchestra for SpongeBob the Musical are now open.

Project Help: We need help creating sets, props, and costumes. We have opportunities for all skill sets and levels. Some projects are done on-site during work days, and others can be done at home (we provide materials and instructions). Sign-ups for Project Help are now open

Set Construction: Building sets, painting sets, and striking/moving sets.

Costumes and Scenic Design: Finding set pieces/props/costumes, making costumes, theatrical makeup, and hair design.

Production Assistance: Bake sales, backstage actor wrangling

Publicity: Poster distribution and various promotional events



If you have any questions about becoming a volunteer for Limelight, please contact Ben Brawner at