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In the Limelight – Luke Granholm

March 30, 2020

Luke Granholm was in Limelight’s 2013 production of Aladdin Jr. Though his role of Iago was the only one that he played with the Limelight Theatre Company, it made a lasting impression on him. It helped him tap into an interest and passion that has influenced his life and choices since that show.

Luke is a prime example of how trying even one production can have a truly lasting impact on your life! Here is what Luke has to share.

Most memorable Limelight experience?

Coming together with a bunch of very different people to achieve one goal, putting on a great show.

What is something you learned from Limelight?

How to really come out of my shell and do what I love.

What does Limelight mean to you?

Limelight was the very first thing that ever showed me what I am truly passionate about. Interacting with people, Limelight gave me the opportunity to do something totally new for me and to fall in love with it. Not to mention inspired me to do many shows after.

What are you doing now? How did Limelight help prepare you for that?

I am currently a high school student that works a job and plays soccer. Limelight taught me how to make friends quickly and how to form positive relationships with new people.

What is your advice for other theater artists?

Just go for it, put your heart out on stage. Most of all, ENJOY YOURSELF. The stage is the perfect place for anyone to have fun doing what they love, so show that out there.