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In the Limelight – Vianca

August 14, 2020

Vianca is one proud mom and fierce fan. She has supported her two sons as they have taken part in many productions, as an audience member and by lending a hand on the production side. We are fortunate to have people like Vianca who encourage their kids to find their passions and help them find opportunities to explore them. Read more about her experience and perspective as a parent.


What do you enjoy about attending Limelight productions?

The passion that all these young people put into their work. It’s really is amazing to see.

What does Limelight mean to you and/or your family?

This is really such a loaded question! Limelight is where my quirky boys found their tribes in their tweens. Limelight has become a family to them. They have found a place where everyone truly accepts them and those quirks are celebrated and encouraged. When before Limelight it just made them stand out in a not very positive way to others their age. Limelight has taught them that they can be exactly who they are and that there are people out there that will accept, as is.

What changes have you seen in the Limelighter in your life that you could attribute to their participation?

My oldest son was never very social and was petrified whenever he had to do a grade level school musical. He would literally break down. The people at Limelight understood this and started him off very slow and worked with him. Now, 7 years later my son has gained incredible confidence on and off the stage. He has gone from have one line in a show and having his face covered to getting leading roles and knocking it out of the park! He has obviously moves past his stage fright and has absolutely no problem with public speaking anymore! This is a skill he’ll be able to use for the rest of his life. He is now very social and not afraid of the acceptance of people.

If you are a longtime fan, how has Limelight changed? What has stayed the same?

I feel like Limelight’s goal is to be a place where everyone can be accepted and feel welcomed. I do not think this has changed one bit in the years we have been involved.

Did you participate in Limelight with a family member? What was that experience like?

I myself have never been on stage, not my things but I have helped with sets and props. Even in that smaller involvement I was always made to feel that I was part of something amazing.

What are the first three words that come to mind when you think of Limelight?

Tribe. Family. Acceptance.

How would you describe Limelight to a friend?

Limelight is a place where all kids fit in. Your children will leave there with skills they’ll be able to apply to so many areas of life.

Anything else you would like to share?

I would like to thank all the people that have worked with Limelight and my boys throughout the years. In case someone has never told you, you make a huge difference in the lives of the children you work with. This is not just a blanket statement. I have seen it with my own eyes. I want to tell you all how much I owe you and how much you’re appreciated ❤️