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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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A Christmas Carol – Radio Play

Directed by Brian Brems

Ebenezer Scrooge is a cynical old curmudgeon with little patience for holiday cheer all around him during the Christmas season. After a Christmas Eve visit from several ghosts, Scrooge must confront his own beliefs and isolationism, and discover for himself the true mean of the holidays.

Actors Age:13 & up
$45 (R)/(N)
#21316 (Registration due after auditions before the first rehearsal)

Performances – December 4 & 5 at the Little White School Museum

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Cast List

Actors will perform MULTIPLE roles, which will require different voices.

NARRATOR – Brian Brems

EBENEZER SCROOGE, curmudgeon – Jeff Ford

NEWSPAPER BOY – Brayden Caraynoff-Huber

ART, employee – Dylan Simons

JIMMY, employee – Laila Green

HERB, employee – Lynleigh Ufen

BOB CRATCHIT, Scrooge’s clerk – Alex Stich

PROTESTOR 1 – Emly Bensinger

PROTESTOR 2 – Laila Green

SHOPPER – Lynleigh Ufen

HOMELESS MAN – Carson Moore

ARCHIBALD LANCASTER, charity man – Marshall Noelken-Anderson

NED STOCKTON, charity man – Brayden Caraynoff-Huber

BOY, singer – Ruby Zawadzki

BOY 2, singer – Dylan Simons

JACOB MARLEY, Scrooge’s partner – Carson Moore

COLLINS, army officer – Mahitha Shridhar

FRED STURGIS, Scrooge’s nephew – Dylan Simons

FESTINO, Italian neighborhood elder – Allison Allen

YOUNG SCROOGE, ages 21-45 – Kayle Ford

PRANZO – Alex Stich

MERENDA – Mahitha Shridhar

FELICITA – Ruby Zawadzki

PINO – Brayden Caraynoff-Huber

BELLA, Scrooge’s wife – Laila Green

MRS. HUTCHINSON, Scrooge’s housekeeper – Allison Allen

HUTCHINSON, Scrooge’s cook – Brayden Caraynoff-Huber

NEIGHBOR – Brian Brems

EVELYN, a child (Ghost of Christmas Past) – Cassie Lambert

HENRY, Scrooge’s father – Alex Stich

ANN, Scrooge’s mother – Emily Bensinger

FANNY, Scrooge’s sister – Lynleigh Ufen

BOY SCROOGE, age 8 – Brayden Caraynoff-Huber

KENSINGTON, businessman – Marshall Noelken-Anderson

CORRETTEZZA, nurse – Mahitha Shridhar

ELIAS SCROOGE, Scrooge’s son – Lynleigh Ufen

HOLLY, a flapper (Ghost of Christmas Present) – Cassie Lambert

MARY CRATCHIT, Bob’s wife – Emily Bensinger

TIM, Bob’s son – Kayle Ford

PETER, Bob’s son – Ruby Zawadzki

MARTHA, Bob’s daughter – Mahitha Shridhar

BERT, dock laborer – Dylan Simons

FLINT, dock laborer – Alex Stich

SAUNDERS, dock foreman – Marshall Noelken-Anderson

DONALD, truck driver – Carson Moore

WILLIAM, bar patron – Lynleigh Ufen

MYRNA, bar patron – Allison Allen

LARRY, bar patron – Carson Moore

ADULT PINO – Brayden Caraynoff-Huber

ADULT FELICITA – Ruby Zawadzki

MAC, a bar man – Brian Brems

JOHNNY, delivery driver – Mahitha Shridhar

DOROTHY, Fred’s wife – Laila Green

TOPPER, Fred’s friend – Alex Stich

WILLIE, Fred’s friend – Carson Moore

ROSE, Fred’s friend – Emily Bensinger

HAZEL, Dorothy’s sister – Ruby Zawadzki

IGNORANCE, a young boy – Brayden Caraynoff-Huber

WANT, a young girl – Lynleigh Ufren

SPIRIT, a phantom (Ghost of Christmas Future) – Cassie Lambert

CECIL, Hooverville man – Allison Allen

MELVIN, Hooverville man – Laila Green

ROY, pawn shop owner – Dylan Simons

YOUNG BOY – Ruby Zawadzki


Rehearsals (New Schedule as of 10/24/21)

Day Date Time Location
Sunday 11/7/21 1:00-4:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 11/14/21 1:00-4:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 11/21/21 1:00-4:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 11/28/21 1:00-4:00pm Boulder Point
Thursday (TENTATIVE) 12/2/21 6:00-9:00pm Little White School Museum
Saturday 12/4/21 Actor call at 12:00pm; Shows and 2pm & 7pm Little White School Museum
Sunday 12/5/21 Actor call at 12:00pm; Shows and 2pm & 7pm Little White School Museum