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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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Walter Burns, the hard-boiled editor for The Morning Post, learns his ex-wife and former star reporter, Hildegard “Hildy” Johnson, is about to marry insurance man Bruce Baldwin and settle down with him in Albany, NY. Walter, determined to sabotage these plans, entices a reluctant Hildy to cover one last story: the upcoming execution of Earl Williams, a shy bookkeeper convicted of murdering a policeman.

Actors age 14 & up

$10 (R)/(N)

#26816 Registration opens February 9th.

Performs February 17, 7:00pm

Little White School Museum (72 Polk St Oswego, IL 60543 United States)

Cast List

BEATRICE, columnist Alex Stich
DUFFY, city editor Alex Stich
EARL WILLIAMS, the accused Alex Stich
MCCUE, reporter Allison Allen
MIKE, prison guard Allison Allen
MAYOR, political animal Allison Allen
MAISIE, switchboard operator Allison Fradkin
GUS, waiter Allison Fradkin
POLICE OFFICER Allison Fradkin
MOLLY MALLOY, his witness Allison Fradkin
SHERIFF HARTWELL, ‘B’ for brains Benjamin Brawner
ELEVATOR MAN Benjamin Brawner
LOUIE, thug Benjamin Brawner
JIM, reporter in office Brian Brems
SCHWARTZ, reporter Brian Brems
EGGLEHOFFER, alienist Brian Brems
COURIER, loves his wife Brian Brems
ELLEN, another switchboard operator Cassie Stich
WILSON, reporter Cassie Stich
EVANGELINE, floozy Cassie Stich
BRUCE BALDWIN, fiancé Colin Zarosly
WALTER BURNS, editor in chief Jack Kremer
HILDY JOHNSON, former reporter Laila Green
ANNOUNCER Quinlan Egan
MURPHY, reporter Quinlan Egan
COOLEY, jailhouse clerk Quinlan Egan
MRS. BALDWIN, Bruce’s mother Renee Niederkorn
OLD MAN, messenger Rob Farmer
ENDICOTT, reporter Rob Farmer
BENSINGER, poet Rob Farmer