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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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LBC Presents: Masterworks, Revisited – Winter One-Acts

In this original spring One-Acts play, the Limelight Broadcasting Company looks back on the successful television series, “Masterworks, Revisited,” wherein actors bring pieces of classic literature to life. Actors 8-14 can join us in the audition room for this offbeat comedy, and help us give some beloved old stories and characters a good parodying.

Actors age 8-14

$105 (R)/(N)

#26737 Registration opens after auditions and is due prior to the first rehearsal

Cast List:



REBECCA: Hope McSteen

LANA: Lily Deal

MARCIA: Kylie Moore



Around the World in 150 Days in a Balloon

PHILEAS: Lucas Carr

JEAN: Yvette Lapidus

CLAUDE: Keegan Clark

JENNETTE: Olive Kurth



JOHNNY: Fiona Haynes

SLUGGS: Genny Perry

HORSEY: Brody Stadtherr

MINNIE: Eva Ramirez

JO ANNE: Abigail McClure

PEACHES: Sophia Rufle

ISABEL: Kate Widmer

JOSIE: Emmy Ferrin


Grace and Goofiness

FELICITY: Faith Rowe

ELIZABETH: Ava Perreault

CHARLES: Brody Stadtherr

HARRIET: Kylie Moore

LEOPOLD: Yvette Lapidus

ELLWOOD: Benjamin McClure

GUNTHER: Keegan Clark


Moby Dick

AHAB: Eva Ramirez

ISHMAEL: Sophia Rufle

STUBBS: Hope McSteen

KURT: Brody Beutler

BERTHA: Kerrigan LaBrasseur

JERRY: Abigail McClure


Shakespeare PSAs

PSA: Genny Perry

ROMEO: Lucas Carr

JULIET: Sophia Rufle

TYBALT: Fiona Haynes

FRIAR LAWRENCE: Benjamin McClure

HAMLET: Chris Lamonica

GERTRUDE: Ava Perreault

POLONIUS: Brody Stadtherr

LYSANDER: Keegan Clark

PUCK: Olive Kurth

BOTTOM: Madeline Haynes

SNOUT: Kerrigan LaBrasseur

FLUTE: Faith Rowe

MACBETH: Nathaniel Ford






MONSTER: Chris Lamonica


The Great Gatsby

NICK: Lucas Carr

TOM: Chris Lamonica

DAISY: Faith Rowe

JORDAN: Genny Perry

GATSBY: Nathaniel Ford


Robinson Crusoe

CRUSOE: Madeline Haynes

SAM: Kerrigan LaBrasseur


Very Little Women

AMY: Emmy Ferrin

BETH: Lily Deal

JO: Abigail McClure

MEG: Madeline Haynes

RAT: Fiona Haynes


Agatha Christie

POIROT: Yvette Lapidus

GERTRUDE: Ava Perreault

HENRY: Brody Beutler

GIBBONS: Benjamin McClure

CLARA: Kate Widmer

MISS DAPHNE: Olive Kurth



Day Date Time  Location
Thursday 02/08/24 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 02/11/24 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday 02/15/24 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 02/18/24 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday 02/22/24 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 02/25/24 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday 02/29/24 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 03/03/24 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday 03/07/24 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 03/10/24 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday 03/14/24 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 03/17/24 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Monday 03/18/24 5:30-8:30pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Tuesday 03/19/24 5:30-8:30pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Wednesday 03/20/24 5:30-8:30pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Thursday 03/21/24 5:30-8:30pm Bednarcik Jr. High



Day Date Time Location
Friday 03/22/24 7:00pm Performance; 5:00pm Actor Call Bednarcik Jr. High
Saturday 03/23/24 7:00pm Performance; 5:00pm Actor Call Bednarcik Jr. High