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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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Directed by Anthony Ortiz & Ginger Simons

Streaming services make it so easy to jump from show to show and story to story. This collection of one acts will feature short segments of fictional movies. Each made up movie will represent different genres from film noir and spaghetti westerns, to action and romance. If you liked SPACE! or A Historian’s Guide to Historical History, you may also enjoy…this show!

Age: 8-13
$79 (R)/(N)

Auditions: Feb 1 from 6:00-8:30pm or Feb 4 from 3:00-5:30pm

Performances: March 22 & 23 at 7:00pm at Bednarcik Jr.High

Cast List:

It’s Me or the Denim 
Denise Dehoofinschegle – Bryn Myers
Elizabeth – Meghan Hartigan
Gene – Riley Straub
Dr. Dan Daniels – John Kersh
Ron – Riley Griffin
Debra – Colleen Konen
Salesman – Leah Gullet
Ted – Jayden Kersh
Psychiatrist – Torben Massat
Kristy – Effie Hennessey
The Plunger 
Catherine – Gwen Poss
Norman Nelson – Ross Hatzinger
Number Two – Jakob Sendef
Megan Stone – Sedona Debolt
Merriam and Mark’s Mediocre Mammals 
Merriam – Sammie Burk
Mark – Jack Kremer
The Good, the Bad, the Okay, and the Just Happy to Be There 
Ol’ Tibs – Ryann Janis
Banjo Bill – Braeden Grisham
Pianist – Aaliyah Sutor
Bandit – Lucian Sutor
Austin Wayne – Ailee Myers
Doctor Wilbur Lochstein – Ross Hatzinger
Kate – Sedona Debolt
Harold – Jakob Sendef
Midwest Medium 
Amelia – Bryn Myers
Molly – Meghan Hartigan
Brianna – Shelby Kiss
My Evil Cat 
Paulette – Leah Gullet
Buddy – Riley Straub
Jared Milkyway – John Kersh
CSI: Moons Over My Hammy 
Detective Brunson – Jack Kremer
Officer 1 – Braeden Grisham
Officer 2 – Ryann Janis  
Christian Tusk – Jayden Kersh
Deacon Pierce – Torben Massat
World War A.I.
Google – Shelby Kiss
Siri – Bryn Myers
Alexa – Sammie Burke
Cortana – Ailee Myers
Disaster of Worlds
Trisha Fox – Sedona Debolt
President Smith – Jayden Kersh
General Caligulia – Ryann Janis
Dr. Sellers – Jakob Sendef
Heather – Effie Hennessey
The One about the Horse 
Michael – Ross Hatzinger
Buttercup – Braeden Grisham
Joseph – Sammie Burk
Tony – Lucian Sutor
Paul – Ailee Myers
Pistols N’ Petunias: On Tour! 
Spindl – Gwen Poss
Dave – Shelby Kiss
Woozy – Sammie Burk
Gash – John Kersh
Girl in Crowd – Aaliyah Sutor
Rob the Average Guy 
Rob – Jayden Kersh
Steven – Torben Massat
Crash – Lucian Sutor
Splash – Meghan Hartigan
Dash – Effie Hennessey
Marlin – Gwen Poss
Guppy – Braeden Grisham
Salmon – Aaliyah Sutor
Wint – Riley Straub
Marvin Rody – Leah Gullet
Some Got Bugs! 
Gerald – Jayden Kersh
Percy – Braeden Grisham
Andrea – Bryn Myers
Molly – Sedona Debolt
Kevin – Jakob Sendef
The Wonder Pets 
Linny – Effie Hennessey
Tuck – Shelby Kiss
Ming Ming – Ailee Myers
Ollie – Ryann Janis
John Baxter 
Boss – Ross Hatzinger
John Baxter – Torben Massat
Jim – Lucian Sutor
Gloria – Leah Gullet
Nate – Braeden Grisham
Bill – Aaliyah Sutor
Sancho – John Kersh
Lauren – Gwen Poss

Dr. Charles Kroll – Sammie Burk 


Rehearsal Schedule:


Date Time Location
Thursday, Feb 8 6:00-8:30pm Boulder Point
Sunday, Feb 11 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday, Feb 15 6:00-8:30pm Boulder Point
Sunday, Feb 18 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday, Feb 22 6:00-8:30pm Boulder Point
Sunday, Feb 25 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday, Mar 1 6:00-8:30pm Boulder Point
Sunday, Mar 4 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday, Mar 8 6:00-8:30pm Boulder Point
Sunday, Mar 11 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Thursday, Mar 15 6:00-8:30pm Boulder Point
Sunday, Mar 18 3:00-5:30pm Boulder Point
Monday, March 19 5:30-8:30pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Wednesday, March 21 5:30-8:30pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Thursday, March 22 5:00-9:00pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Friday, March 23 5:00-9:00pm Bednarcik Jr. High