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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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As the annual show and tell day approaches, a rag-tag team of middle school friends plan a heist to snag a classmate’s prized possessions: a collection of snow globes from around the world. Will it be the perfect crime, or will the gang be caught red-handed? Find out in this “global” affair.

Performs October 12 & 13 at 7:00pm at Bednarcik Jr. High.

Age: 8-13
$79 (R)/(N)

Cast List

Lefty – Shelby Kiss, Gwendolyn Poss
Garth – Finnegan Jensen, Ross Hatzinger
Freddy – Ailee Meyers, Madeline Mundsinger
Mick – Sedona DeBolt, Madelyn Engel
Patty – Bryn Meyers, Effie Hennessy
Cymantha – Meghan Hartigan, Chayse White
Winston – Jakob Sendef, Jack Kramer
Mrs. Lawson – Hannah Groh, Ryann Janis
Mrs. Baker – Grace Misek, Emily York
Ms. Briggs – Allison Mensik
Tina – Ada Denbo
Margo – Payton Hatzinger
Carrie – Emily Keys
Olivia – Madison McNanna
Sarah – Olivia Lamb
Garrett – Graham Fox
Brayden – Logan Groh
Lucille – Rosie Hennesy
Tammy – Charlie Janis

All actors perform both nights. Where there are two actors playing the same part, the first actor listed will play that role on Friday, October 12 and the second actor listed will play that role on Saturday, October 13.



Day Time Location
Sun 9/9 4:00-7:00pm Boulder Point
Tues 9/11  5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sun 9/16 4:00-7:00pm Boulder Point
Tue 9/18 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sun 9/23 4:00-7:00pm Boulder Point
Tue 9/25 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sun 9/30 4:00-7:00pm Boulder Point
Thur 10/4* 6:00-8:00pm* Boulder Point*
Sun 10/7 4:00-7:00pm Boulder Point
Tues 10/9 5:30-8:30pm Bednarcik Jr. High
Thurs 10/11 5:30-8:30pm Bednarcik Jr. High