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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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Tales from the Sea

Set sail for adventure as we explore the legends and lore of the seven seas. Whether we are on the deck of a ship or under the sea, this collection of short scenes be will an ocean of laughs. These original one acts are written by Limelight staff and participants.

Actors 8-13 years old
$89 (due after auditions, prior to first rehearsal)

Performs February 27 & 28 at 7:00pm at Bednarcik Jr. High

Cast List:

Tales of the Sea Cast List

Congratulations and Welcome Aboard!

Cast members are assigned to attend either Thursday OR Sunday rehearsals based on which scene(s) they are cast in. 

ALL CAST MEMBERS attend THIS Sunday, January 19th. Please bring a 3 ring binder for your script.

ALL CAST MEMBERS will also attend Sunday, February 23rd and all rehearsals then following that date, for Tech Week and Dress Rehearsals. 


The following scenes rehearse on SUNDAYS:

Population of One (& Epilogue)

RONNIE: Olivia Lamb


Fishermen’s Victim Support Group

KAREN: Daphne Miller

NANCY: Charlotte Mattern

ERIN: Ryann Janis

PHIL: Hannah Groh

MARLON: Jax Garrison


The Sea


CARRASCO: Sammie Burk

PARKER: Sedona DeBolt


Jersey Beach

EDDIE: Graham Fox

TOMMY: Ross Hatzinger


TOMMY’S MOM: Ryann Janis

EDDIE’S DAD: Jack Kremer


Meet the Fishes

GINA: Gwendolyn Poss

GEORGE: Ross Hatzinger

DANA: Emily Benson

VINNY: Nathaniel Ford

GRAM GRAM: Genny Perry

GG-PAW: AJ Rowley


Signed, Sealed, and Delivered

IGOR: Payton Hatzinger

TRAVIS: Eva Ramirez

HOCKEY BRO 1: Savannah Murphy 27FEB / Hannah Groh 28FEB

HOCKEY BRO 2: Logan Groh


MR. SEAL: Graham Fox

SALLY SEAL: Nadia Cirone

SEAL HUNTER 1: Genny Perry



The following scenes rehearse on THURSDAYS:

… And The Magnificent Pirate Pals Choir!

SAYLOR MANN: Madison Young

TEN-FINGERS: Lily Yelensky


BIGBEARD: Ashley Pfundstein


Does the Bermuda Triangle Have Three Sides?

AMBER: Sedona DeBolt

LOGAN: Mason Gullett

JANET: Daphne Miller

CHRISTOPHER: Owen Shatters


Leaving Nemo

DORY: Effie Hennesy

CHARLIE: Ailee Meyers

JORDAN: Leah Gullett

RILEY: Rosie Hennesy

WAITER: Madelyn Engel


Love at First Bite

VINCE: Jax Garrison

SYDNEY: Hayleigh Payne

FINN: Owen Shatters

LLOYD: Cameron Bartik

MELANIE: Madelyn Engel

AVA: Isabelle Shatters


Shark Dive

TANYA: Addie Jurgenson

LOUIS: Morgan Doyle

INGRID: Katelyn Skattum

HERM: Charlie Janis