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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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The Michiganders

Written and Directed by Brian Brems

In this autumnal farce, a family of con artists buys a house outside of Detroit that’s supposed to be haunted. When it turns out not to have any ghosts in it, they cook up a scheme to haunt it themselves. The money and the fame starts to roll in, but before long, their plan spins out of control!

Ages 8-14

$89 (R)/(N)

#23450 Registration opens after auditions and is due prior to the first rehearsal


Cast List

Actors will be assigned their performance night within the first week or two of rehearsal.

RAY MULLIN, patriarch and hustler – Chris Lamonica/Ronan Heffernan

WENDY MULLIN, matriarch – Brooklyn Hatala/Emilia Carr

STEPHANIE MULLIN, eldest daughter and narrator – Savannah Dubowski/Katelyn Jacobsen

KENDALL MULLIN, middle daughter and narrator – CJ Mattern/Drew Yeager

ARIANA MULLIN, youngest daughter and narrator – Kerrigan LaBrasseur/Olivia Testa

ELAINE, a waitress – Honor Bieschke/Kylie Moore

NORA, a patron – Lilly Orr/Claire Holley

NELLIE, a patron – Alaina Urso/Maggie Struve

JULIANNA AARON, real estate agent – Madeline Haynes/Charlie Janis

ANDY ANDERSON, flummoxed neighbor – Chad Kipley/Aiden Kerr

ANDREA ANDERSON, flummoxed neighbor – Charley Fiedler/Clara David

AUNT REGINA, free spirit – Genny Perry/Adelina Chavarria

CHAZZ, her boyfriend – Brody Stadtherr/Grayson Kramer

JANE ARENCIBIA, local news reporter – Emma Camacho/Julia Anders

NICKY, cameraman – Nadia Merlo/Madison Liedke

TRIP VANCE, ghost show host – Nathaniel Ford/Lincoln Niederowksi

LORELAI VANCE, ghost show host, wife – El Urso/Eva Ramirez

LLOYD, cameraman – Michael Ames/Caroline Young

KRIS, director – Autumn Moe/Kenna Dunbar

MAVIS, boom operator – Nadia Cirone/Hattie Young

NEIL, ghost hunter – Thomas Hall/Lorelei Bowers

TARA, ghost hunter – Jayda Martin/Fiona Haynes

CHRISTINE, ghost hunter – Ainsley Laos/Abby Kmiec

ANNABELLE, ghost hunter – Addie Hewelt/Olivia Grojean

CARL “WOODSHED” MAHAFFEY, second baseman – Brody Stadtherr/Grayson Kramer



Actors will be called to attend all rehearsals (Sundays AND Thursdays).

Day Date Time Location
Sunday 10/2/22 1:30-4:00pm Boulder Point
Thursday 10/6/22 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 10/9/22 1:30-4:00pm Boulder Point
Thursday 10/13/22 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 10/16/22 1:30-4:00pm Boulder Point
Thursday 10/20/22 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 10/23/22 1:30-4:00pm Boulder Point
Thursday 10/27/22 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 10/30/22 1:30-4:00pm Boulder Point
Thursday 11/3/22 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 11/6/22 1:30-4:00pm Boulder Point
Thursday 11/10/22 5:30-8:00pm Boulder Point
Sunday 11/13/22 1:30-4:00pm Boulder Point

Dress Rehearsals (Dates and Times subject to change)

Day Date Time Location
Monday 11/14/22 5:30-8:30pm TBA
Tuesday 11/15/22 5:30-8:30pm TBA
Wednesday 11/16/22 5:30-8:30pm TBA


Day Date Time Location
Thursday 11/17/22 5:00pm call; 7:00pm performance TBA
Friday 11/18/22 5:00pm call; 7:00pm performance TBA