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Oswegoland Park District Theatre Company
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The Michiganders

Written and Directed by Brian Brems
Assistant Directed by Laura Noelken

In this autumnal farce, a family of con artists buys a house outside of Detroit that’s supposed to be haunted. When it turns out not to have any ghosts in it, they cook up a scheme to haunt it themselves. The money and the fame starts to roll in, but before long, their plan spins out of control!

Ages 8-14

Performed November 17 & 18, 2022 at Bednarcik Jr. High

Cast List

Each role has been double cast. The first actor listed will perform on Thursday 11/17 and the second actor listed will perform on Friday 11/18.

RAY MULLIN, patriarch and hustler – Chris Lamonica/Ronan Heffernan

WENDY MULLIN, matriarch – Brooklyn Hatala/Emilia Carr

STEPHANIE MULLIN, eldest daughter and narrator – Savannah Dubowski/Katelyn Jacobsen

KENDALL MULLIN, middle daughter and narrator – CJ Mattern/Drew Yeager

ARIANA MULLIN, youngest daughter and narrator – Kerrigan LaBrasseur/Olivia Testa

ELAINE, a waitress – Honor Bieschke/Kylie Moore

NORA, a patron – Lilly Orr/Claire Holley

NELLIE, a patron – Alaina Urso/Maggie Struve

JULIANNA AARON, real estate agent – Madeline Haynes/Charlie Janis

ANDY ANDERSON, flummoxed neighbor – Aiden Kerr/Chad Kipley

ANDREA ANDERSON, flummoxed neighbor – Charley Fiedler

AUNT REGINA, free spirit – Genny Perry/Adelina Chavarria

CHAZZ, her boyfriend – Brody Stadtherr/Grayson Kramer

JANE ARENCIBIA, local news reporter – Julia Anders/Emma Camacho

NICKY, cameraman – Nadia Merlo/Madison Liedke

TRIP VANCE, ghost show host – Nathaniel Ford/Lincoln Niederowksi

LORELAI VANCE, ghost show host, wife – El Urso/Eva Ramirez

LLOYD, cameraman – Michael Ames/Caroline Young

KRIS, director – Autumn Moe/Kenna Dunbar

MAVIS, boom operator – Nadia Cirone/Hattie Young

NEIL, ghost hunter – Thomas Hall/Lorelei Bowers

TARA, ghost hunter – Fiona Haynes/Jayda Martin

CHRISTINE, ghost hunter – Avery Ramirez/Abby Kmiec

ANNABELLE, ghost hunter – Addie Hewelt/Olivia Grojean

CARL “WOODSHED” MAHAFFEY, second baseman – Brody Stadtherr/Grayson Kramer