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In the Limelight – Tyler

November 17, 2020

Tyler is someone who took the leap from audience member to actor! After watching his sons on stage, he decided to try his hand at acting in a radio show. He has continued to stretch himself by tackling a variety of roles, ranging from comedic to dramatic, and everywhere in between. He works hard to bring his best to every rehearsal and performance, and is an incredibly gracious performer to work with. Here is what he has to say about sharing time with his family (and the Limelight family).


What was your first show?

Radio play – The Ancient Mariner

What is your favorite show that you did or part that you played with Limelight?

Comancheria – Burt Edwards

How were you involved (acting/writing/tech)?


Did you participate in Limelight with a family member? What was that experience like?

Yes, that’s what has been the best part of being involved with Limelight! I was a fan/audience member of my sons’ performances first then I conjured up the nerve to try my hand at acting. I loved it and have been involved ever since, though I’ve slowed a bit over the last year. I’ve been in a few different shows (radio and stage) with my sons and it’s been the best experience I could have imagined!

Most memorable Limelight experience?

Shows with my boys

What is something you learned from Limelight?

Get out of your comfort zone and live! You’ve only got one chance to do this life thing so you may as well have fun doing it!

What does Limelight mean to you?

Words cannot properly articulate what this organization has meant to me and my family. A lot, let’s say that.

What are you doing now? How did Limelight help prepare you for that?

Living life and having fun!

What is your advice for other theater artists?

Just. Do. It. You never know what kind of doors could potentially open for you because of it.